About Us

Stephen E. Finegan, Jr. (Steve) is a business owner and inventor. Believing in the American Dream, Steve worked hard even as a child to learn trades and as an adult, he started his own HVAC company. His belief in treating people as he would want to be treated and providing quality service at fair prices helped Steve grow his business, garnered him a stellar reputation and earned him awards of excellence in Florida.

In his work over the years, Steve encountered many broken spigot handles and many customers frustrated with the handles breaking and no replacements working. He also found that customers had difficulties with turning the standard spigot handles, especially customers with arthritic hands. All of those experiences came together when he encountered a broken handle at his own house and searched tirelessly for a handle that would fit, to no avail. He realized the only option at that time was to call a plumber to replace the pipe and fitting in the wall, then try to match the aging paint, or worse, repaint the entire house…..OR….find a new solution….The Uni-Fit Handle!

Steve lives in Central Florida with his best friend and wife, Diana and their sweet baby pup, Jack. They have three grown children. When Steve and Diana are not working together at their businesses, they enjoy riding bikes, paddle boarding, and going to the beach.